Results & Race Reports

The Moray Way 100 & Moray Way Relay

Saturday 25th June 2022

Another unbelievable weekend (not day!) at the Moray Way 100 and Moray Way Relays event!

It was our 1st year hosting a relay race so we were a little nervous but there was no need to be! The atmosphere was electric no matter what time of night it was, and the comradery and community vibes we got made us emotional! That, combined with a magical course and glorious sunshine, made it truly an unforgettable event...

Our individual animals set off at 5am and straight into the heat. The waves were glittering, sea turquoise and sand untouched. Runners got pretty hot as the made there was up Ben Aigen and down into whisky country through the forests, and when they hit the highest point at Dava they were told to look out for 5 planets aligning (the next time this will happen will be in 2040!). John Anderson looked fresh as always, we never saw him walk once, and he came through - still in daylight might we add! - in a course record of 17.16! Elaine Wilde was first female in 29.53, and was the most determined athlete out there at Edinkillie in order to make the cut off time, which she smashed!

Nine teams turned up at 11am, which was the perfect time to catch some of the solo guys at their darkest places to give them a morale boost! Their energy was incredible and we were hugely impressed by the size of their vans, team choices of fuelling (curries and champagne being a couple of examples) and attention to detail ie lamination of spreadsheets! Tactics were key in this race and the Newburgh Dunes Mixed Team took the win (and automatic course record) in 14.22. What they lacked in running name creativity, they made up for in speed! Fi's Flanci Fillies were first all females in 16.28 and were ahead of first all males team, the Newburgh Dunes Old Boys, who came in in 17.27 not looking a day over 25.

Our volunteers were second to none as always - we had 100 miles of terrain to mark and 30 hours of entertainment to provide, so without them we could not go ahead!

Thank you to absolutely everyone involved and we really hope to see you next year... But first, we have the Speyside Way 35miler and 100km on 20th August if you want a cool down!

Results can be found below and photos available here

Moray Coastal Trail 50 Race Report

Yet another spectacular day in the 2nd ever Moray Coastal 50 this weekend! You runners and volunteers didn't disappoint! With a lower number participating due to the "deferral year" curse, and with a couple of last minute drop outs from the 'vid, we quickly realised the runners that did make it were all quality and we didn't need quantity!

Whether you were defying the odds, breaking records, travelling hundreds of miles to visit us, or a local tackling the gruelling distance (you all know who you are!), you certainly made Debbie cry a few times throughout the day (edit: happy tears!). We are so so proud of each and every one of you. Furthermore, we only had two dropouts which is frankly unheard of! Statistically, a much larger figure should have DNF'd, but you Moray Way Family members are a tough bunch!
Thank you for entering our race, for training with us in mind, making all those sacrifices that comes with endurance sport, getting up early, showing up with a smile, running, not complaining about the 3 miles of hell, finishing looking like supermodels, sharing your stories, partying with us afterwards and making Debbie cry multiple times (edit: still happy tears!) and lose her voice today.

John Anderson was 1st overall in 7.04.48, with Keith Stewart 2nd in 7.42.46, and Jonathan Cordiner 3rd in 7.45.18. For the ladies, Alison Locke took the win in 9.21.20, with Caron Mutch cheekily grabbing 2nd from Angela Davidson in a photo finish and both with times of 9.36.51!

They say if you ever lose faith in humanity, watch a marathon. You guys did nearly 2 of those yesterday! This community is so special and we just love being a part of it! We couldn't have put it together without our volunteers either, so huge shout out to them!

Dava Way 50k Race Report

A HUGE thank you to all our volunteers, supporters and sponsors. And of course, a huge congratulations to all our runners if you managed to complete the Dava Way 50k, and even more kudos if you DIDN'T curse us at the top of Cluny Hill (we couldn't make it too easy for you!). We are overwhelmed by the phenomenal day we had and it wouldn't have been the same without you! Well done to Allan Christie and Nicola Macdonald for your wins and inevitable course records in the process!

For those who chose us as your first ultra, we are hugely appreciative and hope you had a great experience. We would love to have you again next year, perhaps even going up in distance. The Moray Way Ultras next step up would be the Speyside Way Classic at 35 miles, then the Moray Coastal 50 miler, the Speyside Way 100k, and the longest being the Moray Way 100 (plus or minus!).

Finalised race dates for these events will be confirmed this Friday, along with some more exciting news you won't want to miss! Stay tuned to our social media for more details!

HEAPS of photos on the media page!!

Moray Way 100 Race Report

Huge well done to all runners - especially our champions Jamie Pallister and Erin Rendall - both finishing looking like supermodels!

The race started at a calm 5am on Saturday morning, with severe weather warnings scheduled for later on in the day. Thankfully, a couple hours of rain wasn't enough to stop these superstars.

The 1st section was along the coast line as the sun was rising. The 2nd part was on the Speyside Way, which started off on runnable disused railway lines; a gradual uphill to zap the legs. However, after Cragganmore, the SW turned into a technical mud fest in the dark and on tired legs! The reward at the end was a downhill straight forward Dava Way, and a wee bump in the road in Forres before entering the finish line back at Grant Park.

We heard the Dava Way in the early hours were magnificent when you turned your headtorch off and looked up at the stars. Simply magical.

The support and camaraderie for this kind of race was unreal. We are particularly grateful for Arash and Christophe who sacrificed their race times to help out another runner.

We are also incredibly thankful to every single volunteer, who gave up (a lot!) of time to help with the race. We couldn't do it without you and appreciate you guys so much.

We hope you all enjoyed yourself and felt like members of the MW family.

This being our first year, we have so many takeaways and lessons learned, so be prepared for the Moray Way 100 to be bigger, better and a MUST DO race next year!

Speyside Way Ultras 2021 Results

A fantastic day for the Speyside Way 35 mile and the first ever 100k. Congratulations to all the runners and a huge thank you to all the volunteers for making the event happen! 

35 Mile Results can be found here: 

100k Results can be found here:

Moray Coastal Trail 50 2021 Results

A huge thank you to everyone who took part and all the volunteers who were exceptional.  Jamie Pallister and Charlotte Black are our overall champions and course record holders on the first ever Moray Coastal Trail Ultra. 

Speyside Way Ultra 2020 - Race Report

What a day the 14th November brought to the COVID-19 edition of the Speyside Way!

After the previous Tuesday's announcement that different council areas were to be moved to tier 3 as of the day before the race, very last minute changes to race waves, timetables, buses, deferrals and refunds had to be processed, as well as trying our best to communicate all COVID measures with runners, volunteers, the Forestry Commission, Scottish Athletics and sponsors.

Stress aside, it turned out to be a great day in my 1st ever year as a Race Director! The weather was as perfect as it could be for an ultra race, 9C and light breeze (in the right direction!). Although the first couple of miles in the sheltered forest were a little muddy, the path and scenery opened up and the sun came out. Light showers hit towards the end to cool down the 2nd half of the runners, and the majority of runners beat the early sunset that November brings.

The runners, volunteers and minimal supports couldn't have been better behaved. No runners complained (to our faces at least!) about lack of "nice-to-haves" and everyone wore their masks as required for registration, bus travel, start line, aid stations and through the finish line. The marshals and support crews felt like family - although a lot of you I had never met before, you truly welcomed me to the Speyside Way community and the comradery and help you gave was second to none.

And back to the race - we had a course record!! Chris Richardson of Metro Aberdeen was the winner in a new record time of 3.56.51, with Jason Kelly in 2nd with 4.03.29 and Grant Jeans in 3rd with 4.19.55.

On the girls' side, Nicola MacDonald - also of Metro Aberdeen - took the female title in an impressive 4.53.11 (not many girls have broken the elusive 5 hours!) in her first ultra, with Sarah Simpson in 2nd in 5.38.45, and Jenni Rees Jenkins 3rd in 5.41.24.

With forest, mountain, water and sea, this race had a bit of everything, and we were so proud and fortunate we could put this race on after all the setbacks faced this year.

After the launch of the brand new Ultra Series, the Moray Way Ultras (, we couldn't be more excited after this weekend's taster! We hope we can welcome you to our 50km, 100km, 50mile or 100mile (as well as the original Speyside Way Ultra!) races next year - there is a race within the series that I'm sure will suit everyone.

Please support our amazing sponsors of whom below have offered the following discount codes for you to use:

Active Root Products: SPEYSIDEWU15

Windswept Beer: SPEYSIDEULTRA10

Thank you again for a great day - and a final huge thank you to our volunteers for being so patient and doing an incredible job with the race.

Yours in running,

Kyle Greig

Race Director, Moray Way Ultras