Saturday 25th June 2022

The Moray Way 100 RELAYS 

The Moray Way 100 will now also feature a RELAY!

Achieve the century distance as a team and celebrate together!

Teams of up to 4 (you can have less and run more!) will total the 100(ish!) mile distance, through forests, stunning coastline trails, up hills and over the sandy beaches.

BUT the good news is this does not mean you each run a marathon and hand over to the next team mate. We are mixing it up so everyone can take part, and not just you ultra dafties!

The race will be divided into 12 sections, where handovers will be at specific checkpoints. Each team chooses who runs each leg, as long as each runner does at least 3 legs (more if your team has less than 4 members!). You can do this by drawing straws, putting names in a hat, or having big arguments, just as long as you have it confirmed. You ARE able to change these prior to race day, provided you let us know!

Leg 1 - START Forres to Findhorn - 10km

Leg 2 - Findhorn to Burghead - 10.5km

Leg 3 - Burghead to Lossiemouth - 26.8km

Leg 4 - Lossiemouth to Garmouth - 15.2km

Leg 5 - Garmouth to Fochabers - 8km

Leg 6 - Fochabers to Aberlour - 24km

Leg 7 - Aberlour to Carron - 5km

Leg 8 - Carron to Ballindalloch - 11km

Leg 9 - Ballindalloch to Grantown - 21.5km

Leg 10 - Grantown to Edinkillie - 24.5km

Leg 11 - Edinkillie to Sanquhar - 12km

Leg 12 - Sanquhar to Forres FINISH - 5km

What you can't change is your categories! There will be 4 categories, and 3 divisions within each category, totalling 12 chances to win!


  • All Men
  • All Women
  • Mixed (2 or more women)


  • Open (1 or more <40 years of age) 
  • Masters (everyone >40 years of age)
  • Corporate (2 or more are employed by the company being represented)
  • Military/Public Service (2 or more work in this sector eg RAF or the police)
  • All you need is some run fitness (the minimum distance you can run is 18km in the 24 hour cut off!), a couple of friends or co-workers and checkpoint/finish line banter!

Tell me more!

Race Details

Date: Saturday 25th June

Time: 11am

Cutoff: 24 hours

Team Entry Limit: 100

Price: £250 per team

Who can take part?

We now want EVERYONE to feel part of the Moray Way 100! Provided you are over 16 and have friends, you're in!

Note that there will be some night running involved for some people in the team, so choose your legs wisely!

Where is it?

The route will start and finish in Forres and go along the Moray Coastal Trail, onto the Speyside Way and a sprint downhill finish along the Dava Way to total the 100 mile distance. 

Full route, gpx file, and the official handbook will be issued prior to the big day!


Who can be in my team?

Anyone! We have categories to suit all, whether you are in the open all female category, all male masters, or mixed military. Provided you can run a minimum of 18km over 28 hours, you can take part (as long as your team members are happy to run a little more!).

How far do you run?

You choose! Provided every team member runs 3 legs (or more if there are less in your team), you can agree to run any leg you want. They key word here is agree..! A fast 5ker for example, can team up with an ultra dafty, and choose the shorter legs while her team mate chooses the longer legs.

How do I get to checkpoints?

The good news is there are a maximum of 4 per team, so as long as one of you has a car, you can travel with your team car, or car share with another team, around the course. Work as a team to assign who does what, and while one is running, the rest of you is either resting, driving, or fuelling! We will have exact locations of where the handover points are closer to race day, but the towns are mentioned above.

What will be at the handover checkpoints?

We will be encouraging a festival style atmosphere for 2022, so we encourage teams to take your time at checkpoints, where there will be fuel, music, lights and hopefully lots of support!

How do you choose who runs what?

As long as each runner has completed at least 3 legs, and you cross the line within the cut off time of 28 hours, the rest is your choice!

Do I have to be an experienced trail runner or ultra runner?

Nope - that's the beauty of it! As long as you can average under 14min/mile for the entire course, one member could be running 20min/mile and another 6min/mile. The majority of the route is non-technical and - even after light rain - can be run with road shoes.

We aim to be as inclusive as possible and encourage you to tackle this beautiful route, albeit in a team environment!

How much running is done in the dark?

We have strategically made the race around the longest day to keep running in the dark to a minimum. But there will be some headtorch running required.

Where do we sleep?

That's the fun part! You might not sleep at all... you might be too excited! But you can sleep in your team car, book a hotel room for you to take turns in, or tent it up nearby (a perk of the race being in Scotland!). Those of you running at night might need a sleep mask to try and nap during daylight!

Do you need volunteers?

Yes! We need all the help we can get, as we have 12 checkpoints, lots of fuel stations, tons of awards to hand out, and 100 miles of course to mark..! We couldn't do it without you, so if you have any supporters who want to cheer while not twiddling their thumbs, please let us know by filling out the form on this page! Any local groups who would like to get involved, we would be happy to donate to your cause in exchange for some help!

Do you require sponsorship?

Absolutely! Given we have a corporate section, we would love for you to pass on how fun our race sounds to your bosses.

Are you going to bring great weather like every race in 2021?

No promises but we hope so!

Can our team do it in fancy dress?

Whatever gets you over that finish line!









The Moray Way 100 Relay 

The Route 

This route starts in the town centre of Forres, taking you to the beach to join the Moray Coastal Trail to Spey Bay, joining the Speyside Way down to Grantown-on-Spey, before turning back up to Forres via the stunning Dava Way.

The provisional GPX file can be found below.


Enter the Moray Way 100 Relay Below...


We need your help!

The event can't take part without our amazing volunteers, but for this race we will need more than ever! Lots of checkpoints, lots of cheering, night shifts, bright lights and cow bells optional! 


To ensure the race runs smoothly, we'll need volunteers to help with marshalling, attendance, catering, and more...

No previous experience?

Don't worry about it! We want everyone to get involved - plus we'll take any help we can get!



You will receive goodies all day long, as well as a flattering hiviz, and a party to finish!