A message from Race Director, Kyle Greig

"Designing an Ultra series in the area that I was born and raised, is something that I have always been passionate about. I spent years training on the Dava Way, Speyside Way and have banked literally thousands of miles running along the Moray Coastal Trail... but not all at once!

To have a series where runners can tick a 50km, 50miler, 100km and 100miler off their bucket lists is so exciting!

I wouldn't be the runner I am today if I hadn't been training in such natural beauty and diversity. The Moray area truly has everything a runner could want; from mountain to coastline, forests to beaches, flat to hilly, I am delighted to share all of this with you!"

- Kyle Greig, Race Director



The Moray Coastal Trail 50, Moray Way 100 & Relay, full or original Speyside Way and the Dava Way.



The distance if you completed all the combined races.



The Dava Way and the Speyside Way are old railway tracks with a rich history. 



Is the elevation of the full Moray Way 100.