The Moray Way Ultras Race Series 2021

We are super excited to be launching the 'Moray Way Ultras' Race Series for 2021!

The race format will be split into 4 events, which will comprise of the entire Dava WayThe Moray Coast Trail and either the entire Speyside Wayor the original 37 mile route. Together, this makes a 100 mile loop, making it perfect to add a 4th race, where runners will take on the entire 100 mile Moray Way. The scenery in this part of Scotland possesses a diversity of scenery unrivalled anywhere else in the UK.

The Moray Way route takes in an area rich in history; from Pictish settlements at Burghead, to the land of the 11th Century Scottish King Macbeth around Forres; from the original Highlands railway to the south which now forms the Dava Way path, to the whisky distilling heritage of the Speyside. It is a hotspot with tourists all over the world for a reason. We hope to welcome you to Moray!

The Moray Way

4 Event Race Series!

Fancy it?

Entries will be available on Halloween! 

Each are priced individually but if you are mad enough interested in tackling the 50km, 50miler, 100km (or 37 miler original) and 100miler, we are offering a big discount and extra special prize for each finisher!